A Woodland Scene is Perfect for Your Family Photos

I have two all-time favourite locations for outdoor photoshoots and this wonderful woodland is one of them! Why, I hear you ask? A few reasons really...

Firstly, it's just so pretty! I use this location through spring to autumn and just love how it changes across the year. My favourite time is in the summer, when the woods are full of life and bustling with green ferns.

My second reason is the space! If you have little ones or dogs, there are so many areas for them to explore! A lovely family portrait is all well and good, but you can't beat those precious candid moments when everyone is playing.

The amount of freedom outdoor spaces offer is so much more than the space you get inside a studio. My aim is to make the day a fun experience instead of an intense hour of 'look at the camera and smile!'. This helps both adults and kids relax and open up a bit... which means more giggles and real laughter!

As a final bonus, it means we can take our time taking those lovely photos. With young families, I like to split the session into intervals. We'll spend the first ten minutes taking the 'nice' smiling family photos, then I'll let the kids (and sometimes the adults) go off to play for ten minutes before encouraging them to take some more. I find the younger kids enjoy this as their attention spans are shorter and frequent breaks make them all the more willing to stay in front of the camera when I want them too!

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