Saying 'Yes' on the punts

As a photographer who has been around a while, I have had the honour of being a part of many amazing moments, but this proposal in the heart of Cambridge was really special. When Amar approached me about proposing on the punts during a weekend visit to Cambridge, I leapt at the opportunity. I've been punting a number of times and the view of Kings College is truly breathtaking!

Amar had already been in contact with Let's Go Punting (who were phenomenal at helping to organise this!) and sorted me a separate punt. Amar knew the exact angle he wanted of Kings College, so the three of us worked together to decide where my punt needed to be. After deciding on a hand signal and a few other details, there was nothing left to do but wait until the big day.

There were a few cranes and fences up on the day, but nothing a bit of Photoshop can't fix!

45 minutes before Amar & Pooja were due to set off on their punt, I started my journey down the river. An anxious Amar had actually gotten them there an hour early, but it meant we got to share a secret wave across the stand and see each other face-to-face before the main event! Having reached my perch, I settled in with my punter, Tom, and we lay in wait... In order to get the best angle, we knew Amar & Pooja's punt had to go past us, turnaround and come back down, so I used my superb acting skills to transform into an excited tourist as they sailed past the first time.

Waiting to photograph a proposal is always exciting and a little nerve-wracking – we have to make sure we capture the moment perfectly after all – but doing it on a wobbly punt with thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment in your hand over a river is something else! Still, Let's Go Punting played their part well and it was a magical moment!

I'll admit, there was a slight hiccup – in the excitement, Amar had accidentally faced himself the wrong way to propose! Usually not a problem a quick sprint can't fix, but on water it's a different issue. The punting team were so fantastic that they swung us the right way around immediately, and poor Pooja was in so much shock I don't even think she noticed!

After letting the pair have a quiet moment to themselves, I perilously crossed my punt into theirs so I could capture a few snaps of the happy couple on our way back downstream. The ring was incredible!

Once we got back on land, we headed off into the park next to the punting and took some quick engagement photos to round off the day! What an incredible celebration to be apart of.

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