At-home Newborn Photography Session

Deciding to do newborn photography sessions was one of the best decisions I ever made! Making the decision to have them be 'at-home' sessions was even better. It means my clients can relax, knowing everything they need for their new baby is within arms reach without having to pack it all into bag and rush out the door for a studio appointment. I was so excited to do the newborn photos for this young family!

When I arrived, the little one was fast asleep in la-la land, perfect for a few initial portrait shots. He loved waving his little arms around!

He soon woke up though, and of course his first thought was food! So we took a little ten minute break and he was looking a lot happier after some milk.

I love it when the whole family wants to get involved in the session! I made sure to get some photos with both mum and dad before sitting all three of them together.

More portraits, because how could I not??!!

And, of course, the dog had to get involved too!

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