Boudoir sessions have quickly become one of my favourite photoshoots to do! They inspire confidence and are a celebration of YOU, so it’s important we get you feeling your most fierce and comfortable. Below are a few tips to help shed those nerves and get best out of your boudoir session:

Plan Your Outfit Around What Makes You Feel Good

If you want to dress up in fiery red lace, bring it on! But if you’d prefer a more relaxed, oversized T-shirt over cotton underwear vibe, we will embrace that too. We are here to push boundaries, but you will feel your sexiest in something that you are comfortable wearing.

Get Dolled Up or Go Natural - The Choice is Up to You!

If you haven’t guessed yet, the general theme here is BE YOURSELF! Some of the women I’ve photographed have had a full-on pamper before this kind of session. You could even go all-out and hire hair and make-up. But if this isn’t you, that’s perfectly okay too! Personally, I wear a full face of make-up maybe twice a year, so when I’m in front of the camera I like to keep it natural otherwise I don’t recognise myself (even if that smokey eye does look good)!

Natural Daylight is a Must

Before your session, we will discuss which room in your house is best for the photoshoot. For the best photos, I suggest a room with plain decor and (most importantly), a giant window! If needed, I can bring additional lighting, but it can be clunky, and I promise that natural daylight works best for these kinds of shoots.

Heat it up

If it’s a chilly day outside, treat yourself to a bit of heating inside. It’s hard to pose like a goddess when your teeth are chattering from the cold!

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

Fairly self explanatory. Tidying up the room we’ll be shooting in will make such a difference to your final photos! If you’re able to, it might be worth moving some extra clutter/furniture into another room entirely, just for the duration of the shoot.

Want to give it a try? You can book a home boudoir shoot through my website!